Every first Sunday of the month, we will gather for Group Intention Session for the following:Manifestation
Healing for Yourself
Healing for Your Loved Ones
Healing for the World
From time to time, as intuitively guided, we may have the entire group sending intention for healing for one person in the session who needs a healing.All sessions will be in the form of guided visualisation and meditation for manifestation.Event is free, all are welcome!**Registration is required for each event. Click on the button below to receive the zoom link for the upcoming Group Intention Session:

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Three Kinds of Energy Healing

If you have heard about different kinds of alternative healing modalities, and getting confused or spoiled with too many choices, it's good to understand what kind of healing are you looking for.Generally, there are three categories of healing techniques. Any modality, technique or teaching will fall into at least one the following:1. Self-Healing
2. Energy healing through filling
3. Energy healing through emptying or eliminating
1. Self-HealingI believe self-healing takes place naturally, whether or not you are consciously intending it. Death, for example, is a healing process. Challenges you face in your life, are also a path to healing.However, when we consciously intend to heal, the process will be faster and easier. Many found themselves stuck in a challenging situation due to not being able to recognise that it's a call to healing.
Once this is recognised, life will present you people or circumstances that will show you your path to healing.
You will either be guided to self-healing techniques and practices, taking certain action(s), or you will be connected to someone who will assist and support you in your healing, which brings the next category:2. Energy healing through fillingThis is where your own energy is lifted by filling your energy field with higher energies. You may find this common in traditional healing methods. This is based on the universal law of "as above so below", and "the good repels the evil" or "light repels darkness" and so forth. The idea is to borrow or transfer a high energy and "install" it in you, so that you will experience bliss and lightness as long as you retain the energy. This explains why some energy healing modalities require you to keep practicing certain ritual or activity i.e. to keep you in the blissful energy. This type of healing method may or may not be permanent especially if it requires you to practice doing something physically. Once you stop the ritual or mantras, the ailment or problem may show up again.3. Energy healing through emptyingAs opposed to energy healing through filling, this method does not use any external energy to be installed in you. This emptying method focuses on clearing all the negative energies that are blocking your energy field. Just by removing them, your energy will be unblocked on its own and healing will take place naturally. This is the method I use in Emohealing. I do not take or send energies to your body, mind or soul even though I can do that. I can grab the energy of Love and send it to you. But I believe you already have love and all the highest blissful and powerful energies within your soul. All that needs to be done is to remove all the blocks to love and healing. That's why my sessions are called energy clearing. I help clear your blocks and I leave you back to nature to heal and grow.Another reason why this is indeed a holistic healing approach is because I incorporate intuitive dowsing, and Medical Intuition System, which I learned from one of the first healers I met to help my child who suffered damages from childhood vaccines. Through this system, all other healing modalities under both "filling" and "emptying" categories are integrated and used to cut off, remove and clear each and every energetic root causes of any physical ailment and any mental, spiritual, or other life's issues. I can not only help clear blocked energies, but can also detect the type of energies and where in your body and energy field are they stuck in. I can also detect if there are any actions you need to take to support your healing at physical level such as certain food to eat or avoid, activities to do, something new to learn, certain crystals or protocols to follow, remedies to take, specific healing modality to pursue and so forth. This is done by tapping into your energy field, the place where your original soul or higher self "resides". Your higher self knows all the answers you need to help you in your journey towards your soul destiny. My job is to serve you as a mediator.In my practice, I also incorporate intuitive channeling or downloading information - an ability developed through years of intuition practice. I would either hear information or see visions to be communicated to my clients.At ِEmohealing, I conduct courses too for all who wants to learn self-healing and how to ascend in consciousness which are all essentials of optimum wellness.Read more about me here. :-)

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Emotional Energy Scanning Service

This will reveal the strongest emotions and/or emotional issues you are currently dealing with, as well as weakest areas in your body (body parts and organs).
Learn more..

Emotional Energy Scanning Service

Clearing of root causes from all levels and dimensions of soul for an issue you are facing or any ailment you are struggling with.
Learn more..

Emotional Energy Scanning Service

Retrieve your soul destiny, spiritual purpose, gifts and specific lessons you are here to learn, and use this information to gain clarity.
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Emotional Energy Scanning Service

This is a thought-clearing coaching session created specially for participants of my Applied Reading Programme: Conscious Surrendering & Letting Go
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Emotional Energy Scanning Service

This will reveal the strongest emotions and/or emotional issues your body is currently dealing with.Why would you want to know this?
Because emotional energies are similar to electrical charge in our bodies. The frequency and level of your emotional state affects the cells in your body. This Full-Body Energy Scanning detects emotional energies and issues obstructing your progress in your life at this moment, by finding out:
The top weakest organs in your body; Your weakest energy point or Chakra; Unresolved emotions and issues needing your attention/action; Body parts that are communicating with you to signal your unresolved emotional issues.Getting to know what's going on energetically in your body will prompt you to take action in resolving feelings and issues of life that are blocking or slowing your progress in any area. It can also inform you in advance, which organs in your body are targeted by these unresolved issues, so that you can take action to prevent or find a cure for them.What if you are not having any issues right now?This is precisely why this service is offered; so that you can find out what's going on. You may wonder how can you not know what's going on? Well, people either have suppressed numbed emotions, or they possess emotional energies inherited from their ancestors. There are a number of sources from which these energies may come from, but this will not be addressed for this service.Scanning Results will be sent to you in PDF format to the email address you provided.


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Deep Energy Clearing

Clearing of root causes from all levels and dimensions of soul for an issue you are facing or any ailment you are struggling with.This is the main service I have been providing since the last 4 years. I am now offering this only through a live session on Zoom.In this session, we will dig into the root causes of your problems: do they come from a past life or childhood traumas? Are they a result of you inheriting them from your parents? Are they a manifestation of an old intention or wish? Or could it come from a DNA pattern you unconsciously adopted from your ancestors?There are a total of up to 20 levels and dimensions of self that will be looked into.The main components of this session are:
1. Scanning of root causes;
2. Scanning of unresolved emotional energies;
3. Clearing of emotional energies at all levels and dimensions;
4. Scanning for physical remedies (if any);
5. Scanning for follow-up sessions (deep energy clearing may require more than one session for a complete clearing of an issue/ailment).
This deep clearing session takes between 45-60 minutes for a live session.How long before you can see the result depends on how severe the condition is and how long has the problem or ailment been left untreated.Many have used this service and reported positive results. Most have returned to get a clearing for their other ailments or problems in life.Some issues and ailments that I have done for deep clearing of emotional root causes:

Behavioral Issues
Blood-sugar imbalance
Chest pain

Emotional Oversensitivity
Eye Problems
Explosive Anger issues
Financial Issues

Heart palpitation
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Learning difficulties
Menstruation (irregular cycle)
Mental Illness/Illusions
Parent-child relationship
Psychic attack/possession
Relationship issues

To book a live online session with me, click on the button below and choose a slot. Upon receiving your booking, I will send payment advice to confirm your slot.

To order a remote deep energy clearing, click on the button below and complete the order form. Upon receiving your booking, I will send the details of your clearing via email.

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Relationship Energy Clearing

This will be a Deep Energy Clearing session with special focus on relationship issues.It can be any kind of relationship issues: couples, families, co-workers, neighbours, parents, children, etc.What will the energy clearing do?
It's important to understand that this clearing session is not about changing the other. The deep clearing is only for you. Why so? Because of the universal law of attraction. You attract what you are. So whatever the other person does to you is irrelevant, because we are only clearing the root causes.
Nevertheless, this session will also look into the energy of the connection. Is this person your karmic soulmate or your life partner? Is this soul challenging you or supporting you in your life? Do you get more energy when you are with this person or do you give away more energy than you receive?Just like the other deep clearing sessions, this will uncover all the emotional and energetic root causes within your self that are causing relationship distress.Challenges in your life are meant to serve as a lesson to learn or let go of something. Either way, this session serves the purpose of removing blocks within yourself so that meeting the challenge, overcoming it and letting it go will flow naturally for you.If you don't have any relationship issues with any specific soul, but you have a connection issue with people in general, this deep clearing session can help you with that as well. It removes all the blockages that are causing it. The blockages could manifest as social anxiety, withdrawal or avoidant issues with regard to socializing or connecting with people.You could also be having no clue that you have this issue in you but you have noticed a recurring pattern where you tend to feel like people are always being pushed away from you. These are just some of the examples of relationship issues.The main components of this session are:1. Detecting the type of soul connection (if applicable);
2. Scanning of root causes;
3. Scanning of unresolved emotional energies;
4. Clearing of emotional energies at all levels and dimensions;
5. Scanning for physical remedies (if any);
6. Scanning for follow-up sessions (deep energy clearing may require more than one session for a complete clearing of relationship blocks).
This deep clearing session takes between 45-60 minutes.

To book a live online session with me, click on the button below and choose a slot. Upon receiving your booking, I will send payment advice to confirm your slot.

To order a remote deep energy clearing, click on the button below and complete the order form. Upon receiving your booking, I will send the details of your clearing via email.

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Abundance Energy Clearing

This is another Deep Energy Clearing session focusing on abundance: money, finances, income, wealth and business prosperity.It's important to understand that this will not make you instantly wealthy.
Just like the other deep clearing sessions, this will uncover all the emotional and energetic root causes within your self that are blocking abundance into your life.
How much you will get out of it depends on where you are now and what action you are going to take next.When I first had abundance clearing done for me, my financial life got better. However, I started from the worst financial state and was still stuck here and there. My progress has been very slow. I later discovered that this was connected to other issues that I have yet to clear for myself. It was also somehow connected to my life purpose.What's interesting for me is, among the remedies that showed up for me was to offer abundance clearing as part of my services in Emohealing.What will the energy clearing do?You may have heard that wealth is 10% action and 90% mindset. The thing is, not all are blessed with that willpower to change their mindset. This is the reason why support group, mentoring, and coaching seminars are popular. They have been proven to work tremendously. Except not for all. For some people, no matter what they do physically, they happen to always meet some obstacles.This is where Energy Clearing comes in handy. Abundance is energy. And the nature of abundance is that it flows to you and everyone else in a constant manner. If you feel that you are blocked from it, it doesn't mean you don't deserve it. It only means there are blocks to be removed. This session will help detect each and every block which include those that stem from your self-beliefs, and clear them. Everything that has been cleared is cleared permanently. So you must expect abundance to flow back into your life as it should.The main components of this session are:1. Specifying your issues, challenges or difficulties with regards to money and financial income.
2. Scanning of root causes;
3. Scanning of unresolved emotional energies;
4. Clearing of emotional energies at all levels and dimensions;
5. Scanning for physical remedies and/or actions and next steps to take to open the doors of abundance for you - be sure to follow up on this because I can only clear the energetic blocks and only you can take actions to overcome this;
6. Scanning for follow-up sessions (if needed).
This deep energy clearing takes between 45-60 minutes per session.

To book a live online session with me, click on the button below and choose a slot. Upon receiving your booking, I will send payment advice to confirm your slot.

To order a remote deep energy clearing, click on the button below and complete the order form. Upon receiving your booking, I will send the details of your clearing via email.

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Success Energy Clearing

This will be a deep energy clearing to help you achieve your dreams and goals in career, fitness, business, education or personal life such as to overcome or acquire a habit, a new skill, material possession, etc.Deep Energy Clearing can be used to clear blockages to achieving success.What is success?Success is achieving your goals that you set for yourself. It is important to understand that sometimes our difficulty to achieve success is not necessarily due to energy blockages. Rather, the problem could be in the goal itself. How so?The problem lies in defining success itself. If you look at the dictionary, success is defined as "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose". It doesn't say, "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose of other people or what is expected of you by another person or a people".Your goal should be something you are genuinely passionate about or something that you need in order to improve the quality of your life. It shouldn't be something you need in order to make others proud of you, or to make yourself feel accepted or loved or anything that you do to fill an emotional void.This Deep Energy Clearing for Success does NOT guarantee achievement of your goals for two reasons:1) It depends on you taking action to manifest your physical reality;2) It depends on the intention behind your goals and dreams.A lot of people have an intense desire to achieve something, but as they let go of deep unresolved emotional issues, their desire fades. This is because the underlying intention behind their goals which they are not often aware of, is to escape the feelings of lack, to avoid grief, to beat the feelings of unworthiness, and what not.Thus, when these deep feelings have been resolved, they find the desire to achieve their goals fading away. This is not a bad thing. In fact it is better if it happens this way, rather than having to waste your time and resources running after a "wrong" dream or success goals. ("Wrong" with quotes because there is no right or wrong goals; there are only lessons and adventures).It is also always better to experience fading desire in this way because it opens up new doors for you to explore. However, let the fading desire fade naturally as you work on your deep unresolved emotional issues through the sessions. If you constantly change your goals and dreams due to fears or having no confidence, then this would be an ego-induced and self-sabotage.In achieving your goal or dream, the idea is to have a definite purpose and faith in its manifestation yet not to attach to the outcome. Make a firm decision to reach your goals but at the same time be open to the flow of life and leave it to the Most High, the Source of life and all there is, to show you something better that is beyond your imagination.Regardless of whether or not you achieve your actual goal or dream, the purpose of every Emohealing services is to help you feel better so that you can live better. Have faith and let's work on your goals together!Success Energy Clearing covers the following:1. Determining a goal to achieve;
2. Visualisation techniques and planning;
3. Scanning of numbers of clearing session needed to remove blockages to achieving the goal/dream at all levels and dimension of self;
4. Scanning of unresolved emotional energies;
5. Clearing of emotional energies at all levels and dimensions;
6. Scanning for physical remedies and/or actions/next steps to take (if any); and
7. Goal/dream review and update (for follow-up sessions).
This deep clearing session takes between 45-60 minutes per session.

To book a live online session with me, click on the button below and choose a slot. Upon receiving your booking, I will send payment advice to confirm your slot.

To order a remote deep energy clearing, click on the button below and complete the order form. Upon receiving your booking, I will send the details of your clearing via email.

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Property Energy Clearing

For residential and business premises.The main components of this session are:1. Detecting all forms of energy blockages to peace, harmony and prosperity in the home or business premise: including different forms of blockages and their emotional root causes;2. Detecting proper placement and/or positioning of furnitures, assignment of workers in certain work stations, sleeping/bed placement; geopathic stress detection; etc.3. Scanning for energetic root causes for problems in property e.g. recurring leakages, malfunction of equipments, disappearing stuff, etc.4. Scanning for physical remedies (if any). Property Energy Clearing typically takes only one session. Depending on circumstances, I may need to be physically present in the premise to do the scanning and clearing (additional charges apply if this is required). Price is for one property, one level. If your home or business premise has more than one floor/level, or your business has more than one property, please use this contact form to get a quote from me first. This is not a Fengshui consultation but Fengshui may show up as a physical remedy during the clearing.This session is done remotely. Energy exchange would be from $60 (1 room/area).

Please place your order by filling in the form below.
Upon receiving your order, you will receive a quote/invoice

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Soul Blueprint Reading

Soul Blueprint retrieves your spiritual purpose and soul destiny through the letters of your birth name.This Soul blueprint is based on the work of Nicolas David Ngam who learned Soul Contract decoding from Frank Alper. It detects lessons you are here to learn, the spiritual gifts you were born with to help you overcome your challenges in life, and your overall soul purpose.These information may help you gain clarity of your life direction. It may also help you understand why you keep attracting the same problem or circumstances in your life. You may learn to decode it yourself from the books.I will look into your life chart through your given birth name to retrieve your coded spiritual purpose, gifts you are already born with to overcome your challenges, and recommended actions to take to improve your life.You may choose any of the following ways to receive your reading:1) Standard Blueprint
I will do the reading and send you a PDF containing a brief description of your soul lessons, gifts, purpose and destiny.
2) Personalised Blueprint
I will do a pre-session reading of your chart before your scheduled live Zoom Session to learn more about you so that I can help you make sense of the reading and applying it to your life, and offer remedies or actions to take to ease your life path.
This session typically takes between 45-60 mins.

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Thoughts Clearing & Coaching

This is a thought-clearing coaching session created specially for participants of my Applied Reading Programme: Conscious Surrendering & Letting GoThe difference between this and other Deep Energy Clearing sessions is that this will be entirely focused on your thoughts processes and disempowering beliefs that caused you to feel burdened and stressed out.We will use The Work of Byron Katie and/or other thought release methods where applicable.
You will be guided through digging into the roots of your stressful thoughts, and releasing them, one at a time.
This session consists of the following: Detecting and defining the stressful thoughts;
Releasing through expression;
Clearing of the stressful thought;
Confronting and questioning the stressful thoughts;
Releasing through a Letting Go method;
Understanding the underlying wisdom and blessings behind the stressful thoughts;
~ Scanning for remedies and/or physical action/ next steps to take.
This session takes about 60 - 90 mins each.


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The first time I discovered how healing can be done simply by intending and imagining was when my 3-year-old son had an unusual recurring fever. I felt that he had already consumed enough medications that didn't really work. In that moment of frustration, a seemingly silly idea dawned on me. Since I had nothing to lose, I followed through anyway, without any expectation.I imagined a super bright white light representing the highest healing power that would give an instant, powerful healing for my son. I raised my right palm and imagined the light being transferred to it. I felt a sort of electrical sensation on my palm as I placed it on my boy's head, visualising the light doing its work to remove anything that made him sick and weak. Within minutes, he got up, feeling well. The fever had also faded on its own.

My name is Shaya, founder of Emohealing. For the last 5 years, I’ve helped many individuals (one-on-one) in their journey of wellness. Through Emohealing, I serve as an Intuitive Dowser and Energy Clearist along with teaching emotional clearing for wellness and raising consciousness through teaching thinking.I had been told that my soul purpose is to be a healer and teacher. I didn't believe that at first; in fact I had purposely tried to ignore it, by getting employed in "normal" professions. As it happened, life always brought me back on the path I was meant to be. Events and circumstances took place to eventually show me how I should learn to further develop my skill, how adversities that I went through are meant to teach me lessons I would later teach, and how experiencing darkness enable me to empathise and understand those who are going through the same.Emohealing started in 2017 after I took up a course in Medical Intuitive System. Initially, I was looking for a way to liberate my son from his diagnosis, as well as to heal myself from a number of issues and ailments I had been suffering from. I began to detect and clear blocked energies that served as root causes of ailments. Seeing positive results pushed me to offer energy clearing for friends and family members when they needed it. From then on, I had been receiving clients via word-of-mouth. I had also discovered that the more I do energy clearing for others, the deeper I get into my own healing, and the more knowledge I gain.My prior experience with experimenting healing using my hand and visualization made me wonder: if a physical ailment can be cured through non-physical means, could it mean that the cause of ailments is rooted in the non-physical dimension of oneself?Since my teens, I had always wanted to know why I got sick. Each visit to the doctor had always been disappointing for me, either because my doctor could not answer my questions, or did not give a satisfactory answer about root causes.Getting myself trained in root causes of ailments from physical to non-physical dimensions solved my frustrations. When someone comes to me with a recurring physical ailment, I could tell the root cause of it, remove it and watch the person's life change gradually towards wellbeing. When someone comes to me with a recurring failed relationship, I could tell its root cause, clear it and watch them be able to move on without the burden of resentment or fear of being hurt or abandoned again.Since the late 90s, I spent decades studying religion, spirituality, healing techniques and modalities, history, and the teaching of thinking. I had invested a lot in education, initially exploring how to clear up curses or dark magic using religious methods.In 2011, I had a breakthrough as I discovered a powerful way to detect and clear negative thoughts and energies through intention and attention, as well as retrieving fragmented souls and releasing traumas from past lives. Some of the courses in personal development I had gone through include the Enneagram, The Work of Byron Katie, Awakening The Illuminated Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Soul Healing, Intuition and Dowsing, the Teaching of Thinking, Mind Power, and Levels of Consciousness.Through my formal higher learning, I majored in History and Civilisation for my bachelor’s degree, and Curriculum & Instruction for my master’s degree. I am also a co-founder of peaceminders.com where I co-write and design online courses on how to think and see better, in order to live with clarity and inner peace. My latest course which is conducted annually is Applied Reading Programme on Conscious Surrendering & Letting Go where participants learn how to heal themselves through letting go of unresolved emotions and disempowering thoughts. :-)To learn more about emohealing, read my articles on MediumTo stay updated on new articles, courses and services, subscribe to Emohealing email list here.Looking forward to serving you in your life's journey towards your destiny.Love,



Deep Energy Clearing
Buried issues (anger, self-protection, irritation and control issues)
"I've been feeling lift from the heaviness I felt before the session, definitely more energy to get through the day and don't feel so tired even when I got home at the end of work day. I dealt with one of my student's parent today for an hour and I don't feel my energy zapped the way it used to.I feel amazed at this awareness of how different I am feeling before and after the session! Thank you so much! I like how I am now involved in my session by doing it live with you, it helps me make sense of what I am dealing with compared to reading reports and sometimes wondering where these issues are coming from or affecting which part of my life."

Deep Energy Clearing
Emotional Burdens
"Tension and pain around my neck and shoulder area. Bad gastritis in my stomach. I had a bad day earlier that week as well where I was not able to work or perform at work. During the clearing itself, I felt lighter and could feel the shift in my energy, emotions and mind. After the clearing, I just feel light and at ease. It's like nothing fazes me.
.. I really like that we do it live now and we are a part of our own clearing session. It is very empowering to contribute to your own healing process. Thank you Kak Shaya!"

Deep Energy Clearing
Panic Attacks
"Thank you so much for all the clearing sessions and support on making sure I was alright during my bad days. I am so much better that I was 9 months ago! No more panic attacks and I think my heart is a lot calmer now. Thank you for sharing all the beneficial suggestions and knowledge; especially in energy healing where I have zero understanding previously. I never thought I would have gained something so precious if its not because of the first attack. I learned and gained so much over the months and I want to thank you for being there for me especially on those sleepless nights."

Full Body Energy Scan"Thank you so very much for this very helpful - and beautifully presented - report. I didn't expect to feel such resonance when (or if!) I received anything back, but I absolutely did, and felt a little bit emotional reading it in fact. It describes the challenges I have been facing, and the emotions I've been dealing with, very clearly and helpfully. Which is a bit of an unexpected jolt. I have no idea how this works and it's difficult to silence the part of me that relies on seeing, feeling or understanding things to believe them, but more and more I am learning that there are so many powerful forces operating in life that we simply cannot fathom through ordinary senses.I am going to sit with the feelings the report has brought up for me for a little while, and feel my way towards the next steps. But in the meantime, I wanted to thank you very much. It is an extraordinary thing to receive from a stranger, based on internet invitation alone, and I feel very moved by it.Thank you so much!"

Soul Blueprint"Wow, it is different from the readings ive had in the past! It feels quite overwhelming to be honest. I do have that awareness that I feel somewhat stuck in life and wondering how can I move on from here. Soya, can you help me check what the issues i need to heal and clear and how many sessions of clearing i need? Thank you soooo much for this."

Soul Blueprint"This discovery has made me see things now differently as I appreciate my time even more with my loved ones and work on building trust and appreciate myself more! sob sobI'm so glad to have done this with you. xoxo."

Soul Blueprint"Shaya! Thank you for the session today. <3
I feel empowered to take more daring steps."

Deep Energy Clearing
Emotional issues
"Thank you for the detailed explaination.Actually I do feel a bit light or maybe in better word "relief" feeling inside my head, heart and stomach somehow. It is like the passage is clear. hahaAnd knowing all those negative feelings make me conscious of controlling my emotions. Of course for certain feelings, it is hard for me to let go, but like u say it takes time and on my own actions. insyaallah (I'll do my best)I would love to do this session again when I am at my peak period again in the future."

Deep Energy Clearing
No More Fear
"Yesterday I went hiking. All by myself. I love being in nature but used to fear the forest, thinking all sorts of spooky things to be scared of.Anyway, yesterday was my first time all alone and I realise that I was truly no longer scared. I've felt the difference actually all the other times I've been in it but I was always with other people so I feel it don't count until I'm truly alone and fearless. And yesterday I proved it to myself. I could just enjoy without worrying about beings watching me or whatever. I was like "Okay, you can be here. I'm just minding my own business and loving the natural world."In my mind, this is mostly due to something you must have unlocked/unblock during the clearings. Because I had true anxiety before and usually wanna quickly get out. My mum is like that. She finds the forest and other nature places "spooky" - the sea, caves etc. It has been such a shame that I carried these same fears because of all my family I believe I'm the one who appreciates nature the most.And now I truly can. Thank you. And as always, love you."

Deep Energy Clearing
Unexplainable physical ailments/symptoms
"Thank you for ur never ending support sis. I really appreciate it. Your words are very meaningful and I noticed you usually have your own reasons when you say something. It makes me reflect and think about what life is all about. Conversations with you are always beneficial 😃. This episode totally changed my perception of life.The healing process can be overwhelming, painful and exhausting. But I am thankful I found out about this now than never."

Relationship Energy Clearing"I feel extremely grateful to have come to you during my extreme weakest time. You know, I feel like I am slowly becoming my own self than from trying to be someone my mother, father, brother, family, society wants me to... Thank you!"

Deep Energy Clearing
Entities/sleep disturbance
"I would like to update u that i am able to sleep peacefully now since that day I messaged u. Alhamdulillah (so grateful). No more disturbance at night except on last Saturday morning at 3am, which lasted for a good 3-4 mins but that was the last. After that, all gone till now. Thank u sis😍."

Deep Energy Clearing
Synchronicity: The Message on Self-Love
"I want to cry! I think that same day when I read your clarification, she came to me, hugged and kissed and said she loves me. I recalled what you said, and I told her, "you must love yourself too", and she said something like "Oh that's difficult sometimes because I do stupid things." ...Oh the lessons we learn through our children... Thank you. For sure I am grateful. God bless you with the best of rewards."

Deep Energy Clearing
"She is doing well. Optimistic about how her skin is recovering - the doctor thinks it's a miracle that the recovery is happening at such a quick speed. All seems okay for now. She does not seem too stressed by school and is spending more time having fun with colleagues and friends outside of home :)"

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Hello lovelies!
This is the first time I'm conducting a formal course on dowsing but certainly not my first time teaching.
As some of you have known, I have been practicing dowsing for at least half of my life. I was first introduced to dowsing as a way to connect to my higher self when I was in my early 20s. Over the years, I have read and learned from different practitioners (I will share more on this in the course), but my current knowledge that I'm going to share with you mostly comes from my own years of practice, through trial and error, insights and experiences.I'm happy to finally be able to share this with you. It is fun, useful and may bring your consciousness to the next level.Dowsing Skills Benefits
> Get in touch with your intuition without having to be a psychic
> It helps resolve indecisiveness and anxiety
> Trains the Self to surrender and have faith in life
> Develop inner wisdom
> And much more which you will personally discover as you practice it
What will be covered in this 4-Week course
> Origin, history and theories
> Different dowsing methods
> When dowsing goes wrong - why and how
> Ethics, intentions and consequences to bear in mind
> Practices and exercises on dowsing and how to train the mind and heart to focus (weekly fun homework)
For those in Singapore, after this course is over, we will have another Silent Retreat again in nature where we can practice the skills we learned in this course to open up our soul communication channelsCourse Details
Delivery Method: 2-hr Online Live Class via Zoom
Duration: 4 weeks
Fee: $250
Dates: From 20 May 2022
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